Events 2018
"At rehearsal I let the orchestra play as they like. At the concert I make them play as I like". - Thomas Beecham
Summer Fete
St. Eustachius Church, Tavistock

7th July 2018

ot, sunny weather...

We also appreciated the tea tent,
which was nice and close!

...we were very glad of the
beautiful trees for shade!

Last year we were rained-off and had to play inside the church

What a pleasant difference this year!

Arts Market
Bedford Square, Tavistock

Wonderful sunshine!

Blowzone also enjoying the sun...

Similar weather
for Saxophonics

5th May 2018

No need for tents this year

Could this be summer?!

... glad I remembered my hat!

Grateful to all who donated...

Joint Concert
United Reformed Church, Tavistock

Flute Cocktail

and Blowzone

21st April 2018


...culminating with all groups joining together in the Grand Finale