Events 2019
"At rehearsal I let the orchestra play as they like. At the concert I make them play as I like". - Thomas Beecham
Christmas Tree Festival 
St. Eustachius Church, Tavistock

1st December 2019

Spot the Sax!

Spot the Sleigh Bells!

Merry Christmas!

Getting in the festive spirit!

The view from behind

Spot the Recorder!

Summer Fete
St. Eustachius Church, Tavistock

29th June 2019

weather again this year...

Saxophonics continued the
musical entertainment...

...under the trees for shade

All eyes on the conductor!

A chance to show off their brand new music stand banners!

Joint Concert
United Reformed Church, Tavistock

View of the roof we helped to fund
from our concert here in 2013


Ending with all groups together...

8th June 2019
In anticipation...

Flute Cocktail

Not forgetting tea for two!

and Blowzone the Grand Finale

Launceston Male Voice Choir Concert
Central Methodist Church, Launceston

Beautiful venue and great audience

The Programme

Listen to our performance:
Flute Cocktail - Set 1
Flute Cocktail - Set 2
18th May 2019

No need for clothes pegs or tents!

Flute Cocktail made a nice contrast between the wonderful choral singing

Finale of the 'massed choirs'

Many congratulations to
Launceston Male Voice Choir
on their 50th Anniversary
Listen to the whole concert:
Start here!
Arts Market
Bedford Square, Tavistock

We had the sunshine...

Time to stop for a cuppa?!

A good hour's playing...

Blowzone also enjoying the sun (but not the cold wind) - the woodwind lost the battle for being in the tent...

...well, would you argue with a trombone?!!

1, 2, 3,......13 - lucky for us!

4th May 2019

...but it was mightily cold!

Most definitely when 'playing' the cup & saucer in Tahiti Trot (Tea for Two)!

...I think they even enjoyed it!

Last but not least - Saxophonics