Events 2020-21
"At rehearsal I let the orchestra play as they like. At the concert I make them play as I like". - Thomas Beecham
Christmas Tree Festival 
St. Eustachius Church, Tavistock

5th December 2021

Beautifully decorated trees

So good to be back!

Merry Christmas!

Festive Music
Trago Mills, Newton Abbot

4th December 2021

Somewhere between 'Furniture'...

Getting in the festive spirit!

...and 'Garden'!

Anniversary Celebrations
Church Lane, Tavistock

30th October 2021

Finally, a chance to celebrate what is now our 21st (and a half) anniversary!

A marvellous chance to welcome our new Musical Director - Mel (centre)

What do you call a trio of conductors?

A "Conduct-tri"?

And yes, the cake did taste as good as it looked!  Thank you Jackie


Sadly, not able to perform this year due to Covid 19.

Not the best way to celebrate our 20th Anniversary in April 2020!