Cocktail Party Guest List


In May 2004 Flute Cocktail held their first Flute Workshop - it's ran every year since.

It is now known as the

South West Flute Festival

and although now a separate event it is still organised by members of Flute Cocktail.

The aim is to give flute players in the South West a chance to meet, learn from and be inspired by some of the top professionals in the world of flutes.

"You are providing such a valuable source of inspiration for so many flute students in your area and beyond" - Wissam Boustany

Guest Flautist 2012

Clare Southworth.

Gareth Davies -

Guest Flautist 2009/11

Wissam Boustany -

Guest Flautist 2007

Paul Edmund-Davies -

Guest Flautist 2010

Tim Carey - Guest Pianist


Ian Clarke -

Guest Flautist 2005/06/08

Daniel Pailthorpe -

Guest Flautist 2004