Kym Burton

"Maestro my metronome has broken - it refuses to keep time with me" - Kym Burton


Kym was a member of Flute Cocktail from 2002-2012, playing concert flute and piccolo and achieving considerable success in avoiding the bass flute. Kym has also been a victim of masterclasses with both Daniel Pailthorpe and Ian Clarke at the first two F.C. workshops. A nerve-racking experience but one she would highly recommend.

Kym, who lives near Okehampton, is the representative for the British Flute Society covering the West Devon and East Cornwall area. She has strong local connections with teachers and flute choirs, compiling a list of flute players who would like to be involved in future events. Kym enjoys the opportunity of increasing participation in events for both children and adults in the West Country, encouraging both local players and flautists from further away to join us in such a stunning part of the countryside. In 2008 she took over the co-ordinator role of the South West Flute Festival and hopes the event continues its successful run for many years to come.

Although professionally she is an artist & designer and now a primary school teacher, she is in fact a self-confessed flutaholic, playing in numerous ensembles around the area!

Created: May 2014